Create a CodeGrade assignment in Moodle


CodeGrade has a Help Center, with better guides, more videos and updated documentation. The documentation and guides on this website are deprecated and will not be updated in the future. Please click here to go to this page on the Help Center!


The guide below assumes CodeGrade has been successfully integrated into your Moodle environment as external LTI app.

Creating a new CodeGrade assignment in Moodle will correctly add this assignment to the corresponding course in CodeGrade, a new course will automatically be created in CodeGrade if it doesn’t exist. Follow the steps below to create a new CodeGrade assignment in Moodle:

  1. Press the “gear icon” and select “Turn editing on”.

  2. Press “+ Add an activity or resource”.

  3. Press “External tool” and press “Add”.

  4. Set a name, and under the “Preconfigured tool” dropdown select “CodeGrade”.

  5. Set other options you might want, but do not set any “Restrict access” options.

  6. Click “Save and display” and the CodeGrade assignment will automatically open.

  7. Click the link in the CodeGrade container to set a deadline/due date within CodeGrade.


Never set any Restrict access options in Moodle, CodeGrade will automatically manage this correctly.


Grades are automatically sent back to Moodle after setting the assignment state to () Done in CodeGrade. While the assignment is in the () Done state, all grades and changes to grades are immediately sent back to Moodle.


Students can hand in and review their feedback from within the CodeGrade container in Moodle.