Settings and Site Preferences


CodeGrade has a Help Center, with better guides, more videos and updated documentation. The documentation and guides on this website are deprecated and will not be updated in the future. Please click here to go to this page on the Help Center!

CodeGrade offers a variety of options to modify the site and the Codeviewer to your needs. These are, in addition to options to manage account information, discussed in this chapter.

Site Preferences

General site preferences can be found in the user menu. Here the appearance of CodeGrade can be personalised. Two CodeGrade and Codeviewer themes are available:

  • Light (default): Light background with dark text.

  • Dark: Dark background with light text.


Research suggests dark characters on light are better for focus. However light characters on dark can be preferred in dark surroundings.

In addition, font size of the Codeviewer can be adjusted here.


Site preferences are saved in the browser and not in the user account.

Account Information Settings

Personal account information can also be modified in the user menu. Additionally your personal snippets can be managed here too.

Personal Information

Under the User Info tab the full name and email address can be changed. Changes are automatically applied after pressing the submit button.


It is not possible to change your username after creating an account.

Change Password

Your old password is required in order to change your password. Press submit to change your password on CodeGrade.


CodeGrade recommends using a different (secure) password for each website you use.

LMS Account Passwords

If you do yet have a password because your CodeGrade account was created using your learning management system (e.g. Canvas), you should use our reset password dialog. More information on this process can be found by clicking the icon next to the Old Password field. Your password can now be reset following the link sent by email.


If your email address of your CodeGrade LMS account is incorrect, please change your email address in your LMS account and use the here button in the window to force CodeGrade to change the email address to the current LMS’ email address.

Snippet Management

Snippets are line feedback shortcuts. A line feedback comment can be saved as snippet and given a short name, which can then be used to autocomplete this full line feedback comment in future uses. Personal snippets are saved to your CodeGrade account to be used by you over all courses and assignments. More information on the usage of snippets in the Codeviewer can be found here.

The personal snippet manager allows you to edit (using the button), delete (using the red button) and add snippets. When in edit mode, be sure to save your snippet using the button to apply your changes or cancel your edit using the button.


Use the search bar to search for (parts of) snippet names or full comments.

Manage Site

Site administrators have the option to manage site-wide permissions using the button (only visible to site administrators). More information on the permissions is found here.


Please contact us for specific feature requests or site management.