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AutoTest is CodeGrade’s highly flexible and highly customizable Automatic Grading Environment. With AutoTest you can fully configure a Virtual Machine to suit the needs of your assignments. Via the intuitive user interface you can easily create simple input/output tests or run custom programs or unit tests.

AutoTest provides a lightweight Virtual Machine for each submission within an assignment running Ubuntu (Linux), this Virtual Machine is fully configurable and you can install anything you want on this VM. With most popular languages and tools already pre-installed on every VM. Each assignment runs on a dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) providing a hard division between assignments and maximum security and privacy. AutoTest is secure by default and by design.

AutoTest Tests are grouped into Categories, each AutoTest Category is then connected to a Rubric Category. By connecting AutoTest to the rubric, students still get feedback even when automatically grading. It also forces teachers to group their tests in a meaningful way.

AutoTest Categories are grouped into Levels. Usually one Level is enough, but there are some use-cases in which you would want to create multiple Levels.

Running AutoTest is easy and straightforward. After a run the results are visible to students from within the Code Viewer.