Running AutoTest


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CodeGrade AutoTest runs on our dedicated servers. After setting up your AutoTest tests, you can run it on all students at once. Press the “Run” button on the top right corner to start the AutoTest run.

After preliminary processes are done and a runner picked up the job, the code of students will subsequently be tested. An overview of all students eligible for this AutoTest will be shown after the button is pressed, these are accompanied by a score (ratio of number of points passed to the number of points possible) and a state.

After AutoTest is started, all newly handed in submissions will automatically be run immediately.

AutoTest States

The multiple components of an AutoTest run can be in different states. Mouse over over the icons in AutoTest to find more information on the specific state.

Student Runs

All individual student runs have a state that indicates whether a run is waiting, running or finished with or without any problems.

  • : Waiting to be started.

  • : Running.

  • : Test is finished without problems.

  • : Test crashed, timed out, something unknown went wrong.


Student run states never indicate the score of a student, they solely indicate whether a run finished with or without problems or whether it was timed out. Please consult the rubric and the states of the individual steps to find out about student scores.

Individual Steps

Finally, individual test steps have states. These states ultimately indicate whether a single test is passed or failed.

  • : Waiting to be started.

  • : Running.

  • : Test is finished and passed.

  • : Test is finished but did not score full points.

  • : Test is finished and failed.

  • : Test is timed out.

  • : Test is skipped because it is hidden or a previous checkpoint failed.

Rerunning individual runs

An individual student run can be restarted by opening their result and clicking the arrow next to the state of the run and selecting “Restart this result”.