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CodeGrade supports group assignments through the concept of group sets and groups. This chapter explains these concepts and how to create and use group assignments.

Group set

Groups are connected to a group set, this group set is in turn is coupled to zero or more assignments. A group set determines the minimum and maximum size for each group in this group set. To create a group set go to the course management page and select the Groups tab. Here you can add and delete group sets.

After you have created a group set you can connect this group set to an assignment. To do this go to the assignment management page and go to the Group Assignment tab, select the wanted group set and press Submit. You can connect a group set to multiple assignments, which then share the same groups.

When an assignment is a group assignment it is impossible for students to submit when they are not in a group, or when their group is smaller than the minimum size.


Groups are connected to a group set. For each group set students are connected to one or zero groups.

When navigating pages of a course with group sets a new button should appear in the sidebar, the Groups button. After clicking on this button and selecting a group set you can add, delete and change groups for this group set. By default students can join groups, leave groups, and edit the name of their group. See permissions chapter for more information. Students also get prompted a pop-up when submitting to a group assignment if they are not in a group or if their group is too small. Using they pop-up they can join and create groups. It is currently not possible to randomly assign students to groups.