Enabling Continuous Feedback for an assignment


CodeGrade has a Help Center, with better guides, more videos and updated documentation. The documentation and guides on this website are deprecated and will not be updated in the future. Please click here to go to this page on the Help Center!

CodeGrade Continuous Feedback allows students to instantly get insightful automated feedback every time they hand in a new revision of their submission. The tests that run in Continuous Feedback are (a subset of) the AutoTest tests, this means that Continuous Feedback has the same security and reliability as CodeGrade AutoTest.

To enable Continuous Feedback for a CodeGrade assignment, first make sure an AutoTest is set up. Please follow the steps in Setting up AutoTest to learn how to do this. After your desired tests are set up, follow the steps below to enable Continuous Feedback:

  1. Go to the Assignment Management page by clicking on the icon.

  2. Navigate to the AutoTest page.

  3. Set up the AutoTest for your assignment by following the steps in the Setting up AutoTest guide.

  4. All created AutoTest tests are automatically used for Continuous Feedback too. Differentiate between AutoTest and Continuous Feedback by hiding and disabling individual tests for Continuous Feedback, this is done by pressing the button next to the test.

  5. After setting up AutoTest and hiding and disabling individual tests you do not want used in Continuous Feedback, turn on Continuous Feedback for your assignment by setting the Results Visibility mode to Immediate.

Continuous Feedback is now turned on for your assignment. Near instant feedback will be presented to the students for every submission they make.


If you have created hidden steps, the rubric is not filled in immediately, but only after the deadline of the assignment has passed.