Continuous Feedback

CodeGrade Continuous Feedback allows students to instantly get insightful automated feedback every time they hand in a new revision of their submission. The tests that run in Continuous Feedback are (a subset of) the AutoTest tests, this means that Continuous Feedback has the same security and reliability as CodeGrade AutoTest.

Continuous Feedback results are preliminary, meaning they do not fill in the rubric nor result in a final grade for the student. Rather, the results allow students to revise their work and start processing feedback even before the deadline.


Continuous Feedback uses the AutoTest configuration and tests. Enabling Continuous Feedback for your assignment can be done by pressing the “Continuous Feedback” button on the AutoTest page. When this button is enabled, students will automatically and near instantly receive feedback for all handed in submissions.

Differentiate between AutoTest and Continuous Feedback

It is oftentimes wished to not include all tests in your Continuous Feedback runs. Disable and hide an individual test for Continuous Feedback by toggling the button next to this test. This results in the test not being executed in the Continuous Feedback runs and hides details from students in the AutoTest results.


It is good practice to disable heavy / long tests in the Continuous Feedback runs to optimize performance.