Student Experience


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AutoTest is a feedback oriented automatic assessment tool. It makes sure that students will still receive insightful feedback. To do this, all test are grouped in test categories that are strongly linked to a rubric category, so that the tests fill in the rubric category. Together with the possibility to add extensive naming to individual tests, this allows the student to get insightful automatic feedback.


It is good practice to be extensive in the naming of the tests. This way, students can more easily find out where they have to improve and how.

After an AutoTest has been run, students will find the results of this test on the submission page of their assignment. This page is easily found via the LMS.

Continuous Feedback

If Continuous Feedback is turned on, students will get near instant automated feedback for every submission in CodeGrade. Instead of navigating to the uploaded code after handing in, students will now directly go to the AutoTest results page with preliminary results.

Visibility of attributes

We believe students should be able to see as much information about the AutoTest as possible. Sometimes it is however preferred to hide certain test attributes from students, for instance to re-use tests for the same students at a later moment.

Students are able to see the following test attributes:

  • Test Names

  • Test Weights

  • Test State

  • Points gotten + filling of rubric

  • Executed Command (Program to test and Input Arguments)

  • Test input and output

  • Fixtures

The visibility of the last three items is configurable. Toggle the visibility of these attributes for an individual test using the icon next to this test. It is also possible to hide the Executed Command from students by removing the permission “View the details of AutoTest steps”.


Showing all test attributes to students is recommended for feedback purposes.

Automatically generated output

By default, automatically generated output is not visible to students until the assignment state is set to “Done”. This behavior can be changed with the “View AutoTest output files before done” permission.